Thursday, January 6, 2011

Follow Your Dreams Young Man, Go West

Dreams, everybody has them, but not everyone is bold enough to live them. People fail to live out there dreams because they grow content with their daily routine, they are scared of the unknown, or they just lack passion and drive to accomplish them. Passion in my opinion is the most important reason people do not accomplish their goals. Passion can turn the most mundane object, place or activity into a spectacle to behold. When you have passion you realize every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around and that anything is possible in this most unpredictable life. While I write this I am reflecting on all of the things I have accomplished in my 27 years in this world and I have to admit I have done some pretty amazing things. I never imagined I would live in Prague, climb mountains, bike nearly 3,500 miles in a year, after all I was just a simple boy hailing from small town, USA. But that passion has driven me to great accomplishments and far off places, so why stop now?

So this coming year I will be quitting my job and riding my bike across the country. What?!?! Yep that is right, throw everything away, wipe the slate clean and start over. Quit your job, leave your friends, put your future in jeopardy for what? A bike ride? No, a dream and all of the excitement, possibilities, and the unknown.

Since I was about 16 or 17 I had dreamed about one day riding my bike across the country. The usual responses to that are "are you out of your mind," "you mean ride a motorcycle right?," and the most common response of a chuckle followed by a bewildered look and then quickly changing the subject. This is to be expected I guess. This is certainly not a normal dream, a practical one or even something people would think of as a "good time," but then again I am not a normal person or practical and I definitely don't get enjoyment in activities that most people consider a "good time." For the longest time I even thought this dream was unattainable, so it just sat on the shelf and gathered dust being given little thought or attention until last year. Last year I became very close with a like minded person and slowly banter became research to pass the time, research became planning and one afternoon of caffeine fueled excitement lead to this:

I rashly went out and purchased this bike frame. This will be the vehicle of my latest dream. Hopefully, it will lead me to places in America that most people don't even know exist, experiences that I well never forget and make me more in-touch with myself. As the date for departure slowly nears and I think about the daunting challenge of riding from San Fransisco, CA to the east coast and I am not sure if i am ready or have what it takes to accomplish this latest goal. Then I think to myself is there ever I time that I will be more ready to complete such a challenge? Probably, not. So for today I will dream as if I will live forever and live as if I will die today.

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